Desktop Art Overview

Original acrylic painting on acid free and triple acrylic primed 100% cotton duck canvas

Backside of canvas is painted and titled with Artist signature

Enclosed 5x7 inch, 1 inch thick acrylic glass held together by four double sided magnets

Acrylic glass frames are laser engraved with Rockwood Fine Art logos

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity



Vimutti is defined as the end of suffering and the freedom of the mind. In good spirit, the paintings sheds light on a population of people suffering from mental illness. The deep purples and reds reflect the dark corners of our minds and its effects on the body while the blue-greenish hues reflect hope, light, stillness and redemption. When gazing, it is my hope that people recognize the silent people, family and friends struggling with mental illness. It is also my goal for the people that are suffering, they find solace in these works of art and know they are not alone. Note: 5% of proceeds will be donated to The National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMI).



Ah, my love for the violin. In remembrance of Antonio Stradivari, the luthier from Cremona, Italy. It is his design of the Stradivarius violin I find so appealing. While there are many great violins out there, my first violin was a copy of the Stradivarius. Always has the violin design capture the essence and angles of the feminine, its recognizable sounds are transcontinental. In her presence, she is held lightly in my hands and rests gently on my shoulder. She is my voice of sorrow and happiness, of abstract thought and reason. She allows me to step in and explore her ambient sounds. She is my muse. She is the STRAD.