Detail of "VIMUTTI" painting with LED light on.

There is discovery and awareness and flickering moments of hope, injustice, happiness, sadness and reconciliation rooted in my work. A creation of absolute reality, improvisation and organized chaos taking place while I as a Being, I as an Artist am present and mindful of higher intelligence at work. Genuine manifestation of an empath at work? Or, an artist approach to representing the assemblage of experiences we all encounter, reject or endure. I say both! However you visualize it, they are paintings reflecting Life, Death, Love, Compassion for all humanity. Survivability, especially for those who are suffering.

I liken the survivability of a system to continue to function during a man-made disturbance such as a nuclear electromagnetic pulse to a human’s survivability during or after an existential crises or external forces in which one has no control over. Yet, remaining focused on a purposeful life. As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, it is important to remain mission capable after an engagement. The ability for a ship and its on-board systems to remain functional and forge forward in a man-made hostile environment is also no different than a human moving forward through what we sometimes think is the worlds end. Better, the end of the ego that some of us hold on to for dear life. How do we handle crises, failed personal and business relationships? We flow through it in the most courageous way possible despite the gut wrenching feeling of despair and the end of defeat. The paintings represent all that is lost and all that is gained through the continuum of Being present ever more. The outcome while messy in the middle, is beautiful in the end…, as our fraction of existence.

Venture and explore the terrain and you will find cryptic text, social interferences and pathways to lessons learned. Identify objects and unfamiliar remains. The application of metal and the survival of its changing and distorted surface resembles human qualities before coming to rest. When I bring together these metal variables and the human form exhibiting lines of splendor or the obscene, I juxtapose the relationship of strength and fragility. The use of LED lightening in my work represents the soul, consciousness and sheds light on the triumph and grief succumbed by the human spirit. The occasional Mylar reflective material you see  yourself in is what the painting is all about. Humanity. Observe, feel and experience the interconnectedness. If not, remember.

Roland Pasqual Rockwood